NY PARKA is on a mission to be the most sustainable fur parka brand in the world.

What is sustainability? First of all it is the most used Buzzword of our time. To make it easier for you guys to understand what it really means we can break it down to 3 pieces.

Sustainability means to be in balance with the above 3 elements.

Just so you know, we could break it into more pieces that go much deeper than this. But so everyone can follow, lets start here. Something else we want you to know is, saying you are 100% sustainable is not an easy task to do, and it is much more complex than that. Yet I haven’t meet at company that could say they are 100 % sustainable. In our first blog post we will just put a few words to the above, just for a start and no more than everyone can follow and keep up. We will start with some basics.

Just a few Examples on economy could be, that you can’t have a sustainable economy if you do not pay a decent salary to your supply chain or your own employees. Meaning that you are not very sustainable if you for example underpay your supply chain below the living limit. You could also say that you are not sustainable if your company don’t have a good economy, meaning that your company need to make money to function as well. If not, your company would not be there for a very long time.

If we look at the society and that part could actually also be combined with a company`s CSR strategy. Meaning that if you are not in someway a benefit for your society you are not sustainable. So if we put people to jobs and pay them well we contribute to our local society. It could also be that we help society improve by giving some of the company earnings to the worlds help organisations that works to improve the conditions for example third worlds hunger problems, and of course it could be local as well. It is all about giving back to society or nature as we usually say.

Environmental, meaning that we have to figure out a way to produce products or service so we are in balance with nature. Meaning that you are not 100% sustainable if you pollute the environment. If you want to be 100 % sustainable you may not leave any footprints in nature so it would ruin it. I have to menschen the above is the very short version of what sustainability really means, and we will go much deeper in blog post to come.

We think and say, try not to point your fingers at others, focus on yourself. Look at yourself, where could you improve. If you can find a way to be more sustainable, maybe others would follow your lead. Be a leader to words a better world, so that it could benefit all of us.

So where are we NY PARKA in that process?

Well, first of all we have an opportunity as a newly est. company to do our best from the start, with the knowledge we have available right now.

Working with fur as a natural quality product, also saying we only use EU certificated fur - Example Kopenhagen fur. Meaning that we have a supply chain that have some sort of animal welfare and CSR politics, which we can stand for. We can and will, always try to improve.

We don’t use third world production country´s where a lot of them are underpaid workers, children workers, people that are sometimes used with bad working conditions and don’t live under good conditions as well. Some of them actually die in the process of manufacturing in bad environments and production facilities. We simply don’t feel that we can be in control of those countries. And as long we cannot control it, we will not use it as an opportunity, or production method in our supply chain. NY PARKA is made in Italy where we pay a salary similar to Danish standards.

Another thing we do, is that we don’t do stock. That means we don’t produce anything before you give us an order for a custom – made jacket or coat. That also means that we will never put our jackets on the fashion industries never ending sale. We don’t se fur as a product that should be sold on sale for a price tag 50 % or less. We simply don’t think it makes sense for us to put our fur jackets or any fur on the never-ending season sale. One other thing is that we will set a yearly maximum on our production design, using fur.

In general we only use partners that have a sustainable DNA as ourselves, and we will try to be the most transparent fur parka brand in the world. We will always be open for a grown up dialog, and we welcome inspiration and great ideas that could benefit our business. Therefore you are more than welcome to write us, if you have knowledge sharing. You are welcome to contact us by mail to:

More blogs will follow, and well known guest bloggers will be invited in.