Are on a mission, with its strive to do a more sustainable fashion concept. You may have heard about the buzzword fast fashion. Maybe you have been listening to the last ten years disturbingly talk about the fashion industry impact on the global environment, especially fast fashion, and the consumer buying behaviour of this millennium. It has made us think different. For us it seems like the fashion industry has come to a never-ending sale.


- We think it is time to slow down – slow fashion -


HOW are we different from all our competitors around the world? First of all, we will keep our promise never to go on sale. No other fur parka brand in the world will promise you that. The best part is, when we break it down, this way of thinking will also benefit you.


- We are not for sale -


Meaning that we are in control of our supply chain down to every detail, and it is our job to make sure it benefits our end consumer, YOU. How will we keep our promise? Well our concept is based on what we would like to call a disruptive new way of thinking - back to basic, in balance with nature. We will keep our price high, because we value our supply chain and take pride in the design and work we do. As we say - If you do not understand the price or value of real luxury fur parkas, maybe it´s just not for you. Every piece we do, are therefore handmade especially for you.


- We only produce, what we sell -


We are real and authentic luxury Italian fur parkas. We are handmade in Italy, working together with our highly professional design and production team located near the city of love Venice Italy. Our partners have more than thirty years experience within the fur industry. We make sure our CSR policies are meet with highest standards within our company, working closely together with our partners. Working with Saga Furs and Kopenhagen Fur.


- We only use high quality European certificated fur -


NY PARKA is located in Denmark with office and showroom within Aarhus and Copenhagen in collaboration with Headstart fashion. Read more in the section about, press or contact us directly for more information. Keep an eye on our social media Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for what’s up, events and pop up. How to buy our jackets, book you’re special seating now.


Welcome to the world of NY PARKA.